Anger: For When You Want To Tell Him Exactly How Much You Hate Him

Getting your emotions out without looking like a wild banshee is key when riding those ba*tard emotional waves of a break up and trying desperately to keep your dignity. 

When you can’t scream or beat up your pillows a good old-fashioned paper and pen is where anger release is at. It is time to write down what you want to say to your ex. 

Not really much explaining to do for this exercise as all you need to do is write you’re ex a letter. It is simple, you just need to pick up a pen and put all the words and emotions you have about them down on paper. Tell them exactly what you think of them. Write in capitals, in your best joined up, in blood if it makes you feel any better just get those thoughts, feelings and hardcore wild emotions out. It is also important that you do actually hand write this. 

These words and your personal expression of your emotions needs to be impressed onto that paper. 

Don’t think about what you are writing, don’t analyse it or worry about being irrational. This exercise is here to get these thoughts and feelings out of your system. What ever comes out is perfect and exactly what needs to leave your system. Write and write until you have nothing left to say. 

The paper and ink will be full of negativity after you have finished writing. All the bad stuff you don’t need in your life anymore will have moved from your hurting heart to the paper in front of you. So once you feel finished it is time to remove this anger permanently from your life by destroying the letter you have created. How you destroy it is up to you, you can rip it up into tiny bits flush it down the toilet or throw it on a fire – Please just be safe and don’t do anything dangerous if you do decide to burn your letter. 

As you see the paper disappear imagine all that negativity from your heart going with it. If you would like imagine a colour leaving your body and chasing the paper down the toilet bowl or into the fire. The colour can be anything you wish. When I did this mine was a nasty dirty green colour, yours will naturally come to you, don’t question it just let it flow. Keep your eyes open when you do this. It is important that you totally rid yourself of this anger by allowing yourself to see it disappear in front of your very eyes. The flow of colour that leaves your body represents the negative energy and painful emotions that are actually leaving your body as you do this exercise. By doing this visualization you are deepening the experience and although it may be a very new and strange thing to do try and be open to it as it is very cleansing. 

You can do this exercise as often as you wish. If you find that writing really helps you may choose to take it further and create a daily journal. Julia Cameron encourages journaling in her famous book The Artist’s Way, a book about rediscovering your creative self. A book I would totally recommend to those that discover that there writing sets them free in some way. 

Writing and releasing your emotions is very therapeutic and allows for an emotional release without any backlash for the person you are directing your words at. Due to the content of your writing it is important that you keep your written outbursts safe from the eyes of others, there are plenty of online journal websites that enable you to join for free and get writing, no one will ever see it and what’s more you can do it at work and look like your totally busy whilst manically writing about your ex and how you want to rip of their head and sh*t down their neck for all the pain that they have caused you.