Depressed: For When You Need To Laugh

Feeling down is crap; whatever anyone says or does just makes you worse. How can people just be so offensive, do they not understand the pain you are going through. Can they not see that you are the lowest form of human ever and that life is mean and cruel to you because you deserve it? 

When I felt depressed I would go through moments of hating myself and then hating the world around me. How could I be so nice and try so hard and always have everything in my life go horribly wrong? These thoughts would go over and over in my head and then before I knew it I had spent the whole weekend in bed watching re-runs of friends feeling like a saddo as they had a great life and my life was awful. 

If this is something that you can relate to then this exercise is going to get you laughing again, remember laughing? Oh what a joy it was way back when you was a happy couple. 

Ask yourself this ‘When was the last time you laughed?’ 

When I got asked this question I couldn’t remember, how is it for you? 

I first wrote about this exercise in my debut book “Sort Out Your Crap Life” and found that it really helped when I went through my break up. 


Your task is to book a time every day where you can do something fun for 30 minutes. At first you may have to force yourself to do this, you may have to even force your giggles but you will get there. Your 30 minutes can include your favorite comedy show, dancing around to your favourite music or calling a friend that makes you laugh. You really can do anything, only you know what you call fun and it has to be fun. It has to be something that you know makes you laugh. When we struggle to smile and can’t remember the last time we laughed THIS exercise makes a huge difference. 

Whilst nursing a broken heart we could go weeks without laughing and that is just not good for our soul or our healing. Becoming aware of our lack of laughter enables us to deliberately create it until it becomes natural for us again. 

Our thoughts and actions can physically change the networks in our brain. If you do more happy stuff you will end up creating a happy brain and with a happy brain comes a happy heart. 

Set a reminder in your phone for 30 minutes of laughter everyday.