Destructive Behaviour: Right Now Is The Perfect Moment

Whenever your mind goes off and thinks about the bad stuff of the past or your worries of the future you need to change your mind and deliberately think about the now. 

The key is to think about your life in that exact moment. Not what happened this morning and not what will happen yesterday. 

Take a deep breath and write down anything that you don’t like about yourself right now – if you find yourself writing about the future or the past STOP - it doesn’t exist. 

This exercise is a great way of starting to train your brain to live in the here and now, and you may get some new revelations. 

I found that this was a great exercise to do at my desk when having a desperate emotional moment. I could write it all down in an email and then delete it. 

It was a great way to vent and although I often found myself hating myself in my writings it was a great release for me. The more I did this exercise the more the self hating stopped, eventually I was writing about good things and you will do – We just need to get the negativity out first. 

The thing to remember is that all of our emotions are important, the good and the bad – it is just about learning the techniques that will enable you to manage them, understand them and banish the ones that do not nourish us.