Isolated: Go For A Walk In Nature & Make Angels In The Snow

Busy cities are often the loneliness places on earth. Right now your mind may feel manic like New York but your heart feels desperately isolated and alone. The best way I found to clear my head and feel part of life again was to go and get some green, and I am not talking about smoking the stuff. I am talking about the beautiful countryside that Mother Nature gave us. 

A jog in your local city park or a hike in the countryside, the choice is yours. The idea is quite simple just get out, get some fresh air in your lungs and feel part of the miracle that is Mother Nature. 

Have you ever made angels in the snow? Go outside and make grass angels. I discovered this whilst I was out jogging. I was trying to jog out my heartache when I just fell to the ground and sobbed. When I touched the grass something inside made me stop and I became in awe of my surroundings and it made me so thankful for the miracle we call life. 

I totally recommend that you go lie on the grass and move your legs and arms to make your very own grass angel. Relax as you look up into the sky. Enjoy feeling the grass and absorb all the life that is surrounding you, the birds, the ants, you may even surprise yourself with some love for the worms. Allow the grass to brush your skin, you may look a bit mad to others but who cares in the end, you have spent enough time worrying about other people – This is your time and the focus is on you. 

This exercise is quick, cheap and painless, that is of course if you walk to the park and don’t jog. I totally recommend it.