One Infinite Intelligence

There is One Infinite Intelligence, One Mind

One Universal Consciousness permeating all existence.

This power is:

  • Omnipotence – All Power
  • Omniscience – All Knowledge
  • Omnipresence-  Everywhere at all times evenly.

You are Infinite Intelligence

The name by which this power is known is unimportant. Go with what feels right for you, some descriptions include:

The Source, Presence, The Un-Manifest, The Universe, Power Within, Life Force, Creative Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Energy, God, Awareness & Consciousness, Divine Spirit. 

I like to use Gold Dust as it reminds me that it is abundant and can create all forms.

In our human experience, we have mistakenly believed ourselves to be separate from the One Presence and it is this belief in separation that results in our inharmonious reactions and experiences of life. 

We can experience life on a more harmonious and healing level if we are open and receptive to its flow and understand that we are the One Presence in expression. We already are its wholeness; any sense of lack is just an appearance that can be altered with a shift in our own personal belief system.

We can always know exactly where we are on our spiritual journey by looking at our reality, this is the Law of Correspondence. Everything in our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. If we have joy, peace and abundance, then we are balanced, spiritually and materially. If we are not, everywhere we have lack shows us where we are out of balance within ourselves. When we are willing to do the inner work our outer reality will reflect the results back to us. It is important that we also understand that we all have our own personal rhymn, being you is all you ever have to aim for. Inner contentment, bliss and abundance is personal and cannot be measured by material things or socially expected titles. I teach fabulousness as it is what makes me feel like me,  I love glamour, dressing up and being over the top feminine, for you it may be very different and that is ok. In fact it is more than ok, I would love it even more if you used the tools that work for me to reveal a inner you that was like the chalk to my cheese.  This work is about you honouring yourself, you have spent too long trying to be what you felt others expected you to be, today decide to allow your inner you to shine. I for one can’t wait to meet you and I know that the true you is very excited to be meeting you soon too.

Our belief system can affect our experiences, but by changing our conscious and subconscious beliefs we can change our experiences.

What we give out, we get back. We are like magnets.

The ultimate goal for all of us on a spiritual path is the realisation of our true spiritual identity, which is wholeness

Wholeness, Contentment, Love, Bliss & Happiness