The Creative Process

This gold dust is pure potential.

You are gold dust!

Therefore you are pure potential.

Everything, everywhere is accessible to you as pure potential. 

You just need to create a focused conscious doorway within your soul for the gold dust to work through then your desires to take form. 

From within you create your outside experience. 

It's the law of cause and effect. One of the many spiritual laws that we can use to not only create our desires but to also realise and dissolve any limitations that may appear within our consciousness.

We turn this gold dust, this pure potential into form with focused thoughts, emotions and belief.

Potential becomes realized when you focus your attention on an imagined outcome, this in turn causes that potential to expand until it becomes energy. You attract that energy into your reality by expecting the outcome to occur through desire or fear. This energy could for example take the form of an experience or object.

If your beliefs allow, meaning your energy matches the energy of the expected outcome, what was potential becomes realised.

Its principles are:

1) Like Attracts Like
2) Focus Causes Expansion

Another way of defining the Law of Attraction is:

Thought + Allowance = Manifestation

Everything you want already exists, but may not yet appear within your reality. To attract it into your world, intend it, focus on it, expect it, and accept it.

You don’t have to earn it because you are already worthy of it. You don’t have to sacrifice anything for it because you are it in essence. You are connected to it by virtue of who you are. When who you are "being" vibrates in accord with it, it is yours, no matter what!

How long does it all take?

As we live in a three-dimensional world, there is an element of time that passes before manifestations take place. How much time depends upon the intensity of the desire or fear, the depth of the belief, and what The Universe must coordinate behind the scenes to make it happen.

This is why faith is so powerful, regardless of what you believe in. But if you doubt your worthiness, or limit your possibilities, or waver in your vision during the buffer of time, your lowered energy slows the attraction of your desired outcome and delays its fulfilment, sometimes indefinitely.

If you persist in seeing your future unfold according to your vision, no matter how things seem in the present, you will not only attract what you desire, you will have it as quickly as possible.

There are various practices that will help you get there, this is the whole purpose of everything I teach and create. Each day I want us all to feel supported and reminded of the truth of who we are to keep us all at our highest vibration possible. I have to practice and remind myself every day too, we are in this together. 

We are all human, we can have good days and bad. It is how we react to the bad times that is now important. Our feelings are the key, for many of us we ignore our feelings or try to forget them with huge glasses of wine, food or drugs. 

We cannot desire or try to use the law of attraction from a place of need or pain. The law has a clever way of giving us what we need to grow. By feeling our pain we can resolve it and understand the lesson it secretly holds within. As we explore our hurts, pains and fears - our guilt, regrets and shame we open ourselves up to self healing. Through forgiveness and self-love we can mend ourselves and thus really begin to feel this wholeness that we discuss so much in this work.

Sitting in our pain hurts, but ignoring it does not mean that it has gone away and it remains in us and causes blocks within our personal creative process.

This may seem scary but I have done this and survived! I will continue to do this and share my own experience with you. In my work you will see me cry, you will hear me swear, give up and then get back to the job in hand. I use myself as a tool to show you how it works. Giving birth to a new life can feel like its killing us at the time, we hold on so desperately to what we know (even if it isn’t good for us) but when we know in our core that we feel sad, that our life isn’t happy we owe it to ourselves to take ourselves to a new place, a place where we feel safe, secure and free. Both physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you keep the Law of Attraction principles in mind, honour your true feelings at all times and hold the highest intention for all. You will reveal your wholeness and it’s abundance within all areas of your life.

It is your divine right to feel safe, secure and free. Physically, mentally and emotionally.