The Gold Dust Secrets

“There is gold dust in the air- for me, for you and for all of mankind. Through definite, deliberate prosperous thinking, we can now begin assimilating that gold dust. And even now we are beginning to experience gold dust results.”

As soon as I grabbed this success secret my life began to change.

Spiritual laws have enabled me to understand why and where I had limited myself and with that I set myself free. The spiritual laws also enabled me to understand that I am made of this gold dust. I am pure potential and this pure potential surrounds me and works through me. Together we make up the whole of the universe and beyond. It is only this gold dust that exists but it takes various forms. I am gold dust, you are gold dust, so is your digital device and your wooden chair. If I focus my thoughts, emotions and beliefs I can direct this gold dust to manifest anything into my reality. 

Following the laws of this gold dust enabled me to put my life in order. If you are currently experiencing limitation you need to start following the laws in your thinking, emotions, health, financial, affairs, love - in fact in all of your life. 

I would like to introduce you to the dynamic laws of this gold dust and the tools that will enable you to implement them. When understood and used together they will enable you to manifest abundance into your reality. Together this is what I call the Anstey Laws of Fabulousness, in my blog posts I will be breaking them down, I will be doing my best to explain them so that we can all be making sure we practice them in our daily living.

Fabulous thinking means many things to many people basically it gives you the power to make your dreams come true whether your dreams are better health finances, a happier personal life, education, a deeper spiritual connection or travel .The list is limitless as anything can happen or be desired. 

When I look at myself now I can see the look of success, self-confidence and inner happiness. When I am in tune and embracing the laws I am magnetic from the inside out.

But we can falter, remember we are all learning. As I reach new heights in my personal and professional life I am experiencing new challenges. In recent weeks I forgot the laws, I ignored my daily practice. Fear, doubt and disappointment entered my thoughts and emotions so I then experienced these results in my immediate reality.

But the good thing is I know that by simply following the laws once more and by focusing my thoughts and emotions with daily practice everything will get back to a fabulous path. This is the one thing I love so much about this work and the laws, as much as life can change in a instance negatively we can use the laws to understand why and get back on the fabulous path even quicker than we slipped off.

“There is gold dust in the air - the universe is created of radiant substance to which we have unlisted access. We form our world from this rich substance through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.”

So may we experience our life knowing that there is gold dust in the air and that we have the power to create a fabulous reality with our own deliberate daily thinking.

You are pure potential everything and anything is possible. Let us understand this process of manifestation, let us start living by these laws, and may we reveal to ourselves what we need to release and affirm to create a clear route for that pure potential to work through us and form into our desires. Lets all live a fabulous life.

The future is created by the thoughts you think today, which are driven by your core beliefs about yourself. If you want the future to be better than today, you must think thoughts that make you feel better than you've thought before. For most people, this means you have to stop feeding your negative core beliefs and start feeding your future with positive intent.

“Today we know much about molecules and atoms and subatomic particles. But what is not commonly known is that the focus of research is now being centred, not on the minute particles of the material, but on what is called “reality of the nonmaterial” The space between them is now considered more important than the particles themselves. In this space is to be found a field of force that holds the particles in their orbits. It is even being conjectured that the particle is not just acted upon by the force, but it is the force acting as a particle.” Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth (pg. 15)

It is this invisible force, this intelligent space that I call the gold dust. This gold dust not only created us but it works through us creating the forms within our life and our experience. The concept of gold dust can implode your mind at first, but once you get it you can truly understand the creative process.

This power, this gold dust is often referred to as Infinite Intelligence. This Infinite Intelligence is whole, perfect and complete. It is a force that can create any experience and any form in the human world in which we live.

We are made from this Infinite Intelligence so as we are already “it” we too are whole, perfect and complete. We have the power within us to create and experience anything in our reality. The fact is - for us to even think it, it has to already exist, all we need to do is to make sure that our personal consciousness and vibration matches the desire to attract it into our reality.  And this is the key, all the work, all the effort comes from within us, we do not need to chase or step outside ourselves to get what we want. We do not need to act from a place of fear or lack. If we require something in our reality we have to make sure that our own personal consciousness matches the vibration of what we desire, whilst asking for the gold dust to bring it into our experience appropriately. 

When we truly understand that this Infinite Intelligence is all there is, we cannot help but understand that we exist within this gold dust. When we know the truth of Infinite Intelligence we know the truth of ourselves. When we ask for something it implies that there is a power separate from us that we must appeal to before we can receive a desired outcome. When we know that we have the power we CLAIM what we want and use our own power as a guiding force that reveals it to us. Reveal is the important word, remember everything we ever want already exists we just need to consciously use our power to draw the gold dust into form and attract it to our life experience.

This force, this infinite intelligence is unlimited, it is only our consciousness that can be limited. Limitation is only an appearance; it is not the truth of our spiritual nature. All negative appearances can be dissolved and removed from our day-to-day experience with various tools and techniques which we will be looking at constantly within my work.

“You belong to the universe in which you live, you are one with the Creative Genius back of this vast array of ceaseless motion, this original flow of life. You are as much a part of it as the sun, the earth and the air. There is something in you telling you this – like a voice echoing from some mountain top of inward vision, like a light whose origin no man has seen, like an impulse welling up from an invisible source. Your soul belongs to the universe. Your mind is an outlet through which the Creative Intelligence of the universe seeks fulfilment. This is your starting point for investigating the meaning of those impulses, longings, and desires which accompany you through life. You may accept that the source through which they come is real. You may accept that the universe is filled with a Divine and Infinite Presence, perhaps the infinite of yourself. Not the infinite of your limited self, but the infinite of the Divine Self you must be. There must be a pattern of yourself in this invisible. The greatest minds of all the ages have accepted that such a pattern exists. Socrates called it his spirit, Jesus his Father in Heaven. Some ancient mystics called it Atman. Why don’t you call it just you, your complete self? For surely this is what they have all meant. Just try to catch the larger vision and realize that there have been and are people many of them, who have wooed and wed some invisible presence until Its atmosphere and essence have become woven into the fabric of their own existence. Every man is a doorway, as Emerson said, through which the Infinite passes into the Finite, though which God becomes man, through which the Universal becomes the Individual” 

Ernest Holmes - The Thing Called You (pp.3-4)



The Creative Process

Practising on Purpose

Affirmations are just one practicing tool and one part of your creative process practice. To create and manifest fast and often, the full process needs to be embodied fully and practiced daily.

This isn’t something to panic about and is very easy. Below the process has been broken down and explained in a way that enables me to make sure I have covered all bases when manifesting.

It’s simple “just remember your P’s when you say PLEASE” to the universe.







Our cupboards have to be empty before we can fill them with lovely things. Our bodies, mind and cells need to be the same. The release, cleansing, and forgiving process is the key. Whether it be a belief from our teenage years or a guilt from a past life we need to solve and dissolve all negative issues and attachments to be clean and clear for positive and quick creation and manifestation in this life time.

How are your bank accounts, debt repayment schemes and savings at the moment?  To make money we need to be at ease with it. So clean up your finances and get everything in order. With debts taken care of and repayment plans and financial budgets set up you are then cleansed of those thoughts and worries and can focus on positivity. Never t ry to affirm or cosmic order from a place of fear or lack - Your intention and subconscious will attract fear and lack no matter what you say or how loud you shout it. Do not lie to yourself either, be pure and honest with where you are at and work upwards from that. When I started this work I had to eat lots of toast and walk everywhere to get my money in order. In 7 months I manifested over 70 grand! But I started with nothing, I was even sleeping on the floor. Don’t let pride get in the way. Start with truth and the truth will work with you and fast. 


Looking after our mind, body and spirit is a must. We must nurture the physical body with good food, exercise and habits. Are you ignoring your pain by emotionally eating, drinking or doing drugs? This is not protecting yourself, listening to our feelings and honouring them enables us to feel safe and is an act of self-love and personal respect.

We also need to protect our spiritual health with regular cleansing habits that purify us internally and deflect negativity of ALL kinds. We can all protect our personal energy fields with Divine White Light.

Not everyone is nice, people will put you down, I have even known others to cast spells and affirm bad rather than good. We do not want to entertain this behaviour or react to it and give it or those people our energy. What we must do is keep our power and protect our own energy. 

What othe r people think or do is none of your business. Focus on your own divine protection and although you should always treat others how you wish to be treated do not mistake this with going against your own integrity. You should always out yourself first.


Clean it all up and prepare for the good. Preparation is your start to thinking about what good things you wish to fill up your cupboards with. At this stage you are cleansed and you have created the vacuum for your good. Like a good host it is time to prepare for the guest and await their arrival, fully prepared with the correct preparations and activities done.

What are you looking to manifest within money and abundance for example - Literally prepare for that experience. Make space in the garage for the car, get the clothes ready for the new job. Look, act and feel like a millionaire. Make sure your purifying processes for abundance are working smoothly too.


Whether it be release, forgiveness, affirmations or the process of defining your wishes with cosmic ordering, dream boards or the wheel of fortune, creating your shopping list is one thing, the process is all about creating the energy to manifest. Practice your processes, to whip up the pure potential energy around you and get it to create the form and experience of your desires.

As we now know we have to focus our whole being on a desired outcome to see it manifest in our reality.  We have to consciously remove any fear or doubt that may cause limitation and send focused positivity to the outcome. When we truly accept that we are a part of this divine intelligence that is everywhere at all times then we truly know that we just have to ask to receive our good.

There are many things that we can do to keep ourselves in unity with our own Divine Intelligence and Wholeness.  

Wholeness is a word used a lot in this type of work. It is explained in many ways. In my own research and search for my own peace I now think of it like this. We are connected to all things as we are all energy. When we have a negative fear or belief we are feeling or thinking in a way that makes us feel separated from this truth. We also have many parts of our character, memories and sense of self, some good, some bad. To experience all part of ourself and be whole we need to allow ourself to love and accept each part of whom we are.

Remember the law always works. If you don’t like your current effects you need to go back to its cause and change. One of the first steps of this is to accept all our negatives such as our jealousy, envy and the act of selfishness. We are human, so many of us get involved in spiritual work and then place so much pressure on themselves on being perfect and having only kind thoughts. Ignoring these feelings does not stop  them they  will just boil inside us and manifest as fears in many ways. We can get very clever in hiding them and kidding ourselves. We must make peace with our fears and accept our shadows. We have nothing to protect and nothing to hide.

Staying true to our real feelings and learning to deliberately focus our positive thoughts can be done via many methods including that which are listed.

Remember the law:

Thought + Allowance = Manifestation

We can use this law to create but remember it always works, it reflects your inner being. If you don’t like the effect we can use the following processes to change the vibration and belief system that is the cause. I know we are repeating ourselves a bit here but it is such a important part of the work.

Your Mind Consciousness -  Be aware of any lack, guilt or fear vibrations!

The way we communicate, think and react creates our reality. Our feelings enable us to understand what we need to heal, understand and/or step away from. Fire hurts so we do not run towards it, but if a relationship hurts us why do we keep running towards that person. As we watch and feel ourselves more closely we can become more aware of actions like this that we may not even be aware of. We do this through close awareness of our

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Words
  • Actions

Our mind can create havoc with us. Do you currently spend more time in your mind than living in reality? Do you spend time in your thoughts dreaming of possible outcomes but are fearful of taking action that could make it happen. Do you spend time imagining the worst case scenario in your mind, do you spend time imagining what people are thinking or feeling or what they will do next? This is not a positive use of visualisation. What you are doing here is powerfully projecting your emotions and thoughts out to the universe but as it comes from fear and lack you will be either blocking the outcome you desire or actually creating the worst case scenario you are dreading. Remember your thoughts become things.

I did this for a very very long time. Decide today to stop these stories in your mind. Decide today to live only in your reality. Decide today to allow yourself to really feel how your reality makes you feel. Decide to get to know the full you. This is the only way we can really become “whole”. This “wholeness” is about accepting every part of who you are and loving it. Own your inner bitch, your inner cry baby, your inner jealous green eyed monster. All these emotions and feelings are there to guide you. We can re-teach ourselves to use these feelings to reveal to us what we truly desire or need to step away from. It is time to love our “negative emotions” they are their to protect us. Decide today to love them and love every part of you. You are bloody wonderful!

Allowance, Acceptance & Belief -  Are you thinking rich or believing in lack?

The awareness that we will gain from closely following our emotional and reactive behaviour will lead us to have more of a understanding of the below list. We can then look at healing our personal issues and hurts. 

Limiting Beliefs - Both Conscious & Sub-Conscious - You do not deserve it, your not worth paying more, you come from a poor family, rich people are bad, spiritual people are always poor, rich happens to other people.

Forgiveness - Forgive yourself, those that taught you negative beliefs, forgive your past, parents & family. Forgive your past life experiences, your worries for the future.  Business issues are often related to father issues, I found out recently. Heal those pains and watch your abundance and business flourish.

Gratitude -  Be thankful for what you have experienced and what you have got already so that the universe knows you would be happy with more.

Release -  let go of old beliefs, fears, guilt & attachments. Let go of stuff, energy and people that are not serving your highest good.

Manifestation Tools - It’s not only Affirmations you can use to focus your intent, below is a full list of everything that I personally use within my own life and work. 

  • Spiritual Mind Treatment
  • The Wheel of Fortune / Vision Boards
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Training
  • Visioning /  Visualisation
  • The Ikigai Exercise
  • The Vacuum Law - Making space for the new. Mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Affirmations and Mantra Power - I love my Anstey audio affirmation collection.
  • My Anstey Affirmation Scarfs 
  • Listening to your Intuition. Understanding what it truly is and what its meant for.
  • Loving your feelings and emotions, honouring them by understanding them and acting in a way that always keeps your feelings safe. Fears can be dissolved but we need to understand where they come from, and keep ourself safe as we release them. 

Delays are not denials when working with the creative process. When we feel we have done all we can but are still experiencing blocks I have found in my personal experience that it is important to investigate “attachments”. One or more of the following list may be attached to us physically, or lay deep within us as a belief system or fear from any life time we have experienced.

I have had to have both a curse, demon, past life issue and entity removed and resolved. This all happened in the later part of 2013 when I was deep, deep into my own clearing and cleansing processes. This may never be needed to be looked at on your personal journey and is extreme, but as I develop my work I am finding that many people experience great personal shifts when these types of “weird” attachments are removed. Now I say weird as let’s be honest this seems nuts. I never ever wanted to believe in any of it but it happened to me so I have to share. I cannot deny this experience or the changes after these attachments where removed.

A list of the various types or Attachments    

1. Earth bound spirits, ghosts, lost souls
2. Thought forms
3. Negative energy and psychic attack
4. Curses, cords, vows and contracts
5. Past life attachments and ancestral patterns
6. Inner child fragments and soul retrieval
7. Satanic influences, dark force, demons and the collective unconscious
8. Programmes, mind control programmes and Implants
9. Entities and Clusters
10. ET's & More Implants
11. Elementals
12. Earth Energies

Understanding attachments and their power can mean not only accepting spirits and the after life, but also weird stuff from other realms and evil. Let’s be honest, this is way out there! It’s not the stuff you share over a glass of wine with your “bestie”. Many people find it hard to accept that there is stuff like this out there. I had no idea about it until I became stuck and so frustrated that my instincts told me something outside myself was involved. I believe that all bad is created from fear, exactly like our own fears that create our negative experiences. Once we deal with fear we can change outcomes. I very much believe that this can be done with any of the attachments listed. 

I personally had a number 2,3,4,7 and 9 that I had to deal with in 2013. Remember the stories that I had been creating in my head for years - these created negative energy blocks that where then subsequently dissolved. It is a odd subject to think about, but this is how it was explained to me at this time and  since been this “stuff” has been removed my life experience has been very positive. As science and knowledge grows I hope to be able to present more evidence and information to you on these subjects as I do find them fascinating.

For further information on my past and current teachers please go to here


Act like you already have it, live it in the now until it physically manifests in front of your eyes. Remember if you can think of it, it already DOES exist, it is a thought energy so all you now need to do is bring it into your vision as form. Be present for your PRESENT from the universe.

Trust that your good is coming. Do not try to create exact outcomes, know that divine substance is creating the very best for you. Expectations lead to disappointments, instead know what you deserve and allow the universe to decide the flow and form.