Anger: For When You Need To Scream It All Out

Get in your car and go for a drive. (If you haven’t got a car, try a open space just remember you don’t want anyone to think you are being murdered so make sure no one is about) 

And then when the surroundings feel right scream. 

There won’t ever be a right time for this so don’t wait just take that risk that chance and go for it. 

Scream and shout at the top of your voice, shout at the person you need too, actually imagine them in front of you, if you aren’t actually driving imagine yourself punching the hell out of them if it helps, physically do the movement, go for it. 

It may make no sense but if it feels right just scream it out and shout until you feel physically exhausted

You will feel the pain tingle and move from your body. You will feel fantastic. 

For those that really can’t find the relevant place or vehicle to make noise it is ok, although this is amazing so do try harder. You can get a similar sense of release from punching your bedroom pillows like discussed in another Anger exercise called “For when you want to kick the sh*t out of them” but I can’t deny that there is something quite magical about shouting and releasing the noise of your pain. 

Cry, shout and imagine you are standing with whatever or whomever you need too when you do this just make sure you pull over and turn of the engine if you need to close your eyes and get some movement going. Get that sh*tty anger and pain out of your body. Scream and go for it until you are exhausted. 

I have my dear friend Keeley to thank for this technique. Whilst moaning about how my mind and emotions were going round in circles, for about the 10th time that day she told me to scream whilst we were stuck in traffic. A truly amazing moment and

KP thank you so much for sharing this bl*ody marvelous act of randomness, did she make it up herself? was she taught it by a wise old man in the outback in Australia? or just driven insane my the male specie and my moaning?. I have never asked her actually I will let you make your own mind up.