Failure & Shame: List All Of Your Achievements

You are not a failure. When a relationship is over it hits us like a death. The loss of a person who you lived for far too much can make you feel like a fool left with nothing.
This is not the truth of whom you are – You have not wasted your time or life on someone else, every experience and route we take has a value – if we choose to learn from it.
Shame is not an emotion you need to experience. This is not the truth of your life and all you have achieved so far. You have nothing to be ashamed of – You lived your life with your heart on your sleeve and that as I see it is brave and honourable.
To enable yourself to see past this current pain and remember the value in your life this exercise is a simple list of all your achievements so far.
Now I say simple because I know how wonderful you are – Without sounded like a nut I know the importance of every single person on our planet (even if you don’t value yourself right now).
You may want to sit for a few hours and do your list in one sitting or your may wish to ponder on this for a few days and write down your achievements as your remember them. As with all exercises how you choose to do it is up to you – You are your best teacher and healer – At this stage you just need a helping hand from someone like me whom has been there before and recovered.
Enjoy writing your list and make sure you write down at least 100 things – Then keep it somewhere safe so that you can go to it when you need reminding. I kept mine in the back of my diary, it was nice to come across it when I least expected it and it was always on me if I needed it in an emergency.