What actually is an Affirmation

An affirmation is a positive statement designed to counteract a negative belief that you possess. 

Did you know that you can use your thoughts, feelings and the words you speak to change negative beliefs and behaviour patterns within your life and create a more positive outlook and reality. 

If you change your thoughts you can change your life - It really is that simple

The mind is a powerful thing but changing your mind by using affirmations is really quite simple. This is how it all works. You see the subconscious mind does not discriminate. This part of your heart and soul accepts whatever the conscious mind sends it via your thoughts and feelings.

This means that we can train ourselves to use our conscious mind to change a core belief  - a core belief is a belief that is deep routed into your subconscious, you may not even know that you have it until you try and achieve something and do not get the results you desire. By changing your core belief you can change the negative results into positive ones.
The subconscious mind will simply accept any new strong intention that you send it and over time believes it as your new truth.  We can do this by deliberately thinking, speaking and feeling the belief or reality we are trying to achieve. When we repeat our desired outcome over and over we call it an affirmation. In time the new belief will become real and the old one will dissolve.
Knowing that you’re amazing, feeling beautiful or having confidence may not be something that you have at the moment but the good news is that by simply repeating and affirming statements that affirm your chosen outcome we can attract the results you desire and deserve

I like to say our affirmations and quotes over and over again throughout the day. Life can be fast and it's not always possible to stay focused and remember to affirm your truth. This is why I started placing affirmations and quotes on my clothes, it helped remind me constantly.
I have created affirmations for all areas of my life and I also use quotes that have inspired me too. I find that quotes often enable me to think about my own self and give more insight and inspirational understanding on a topic. 

It is important for me to make sure that youreally know inside that you are your best teacher. You will know in your gut what affirmations or teachings resonate with you, trust yourself. And may the information you receive from me, and the world around you guide you into the fabulous life that you deserve.

I create my own audio affirmations and listen to them in my car, I also have art work around my home. These are now all available for you to use too.