I love books. I adore books. They teach me what I don't get to learn from the people and current world around me. The nourish my soul, open my heart and give me permission to be myself. They create a escape that frees my imagination, they confirm the thoughts I have had through intuition. They have led me back to my path when I slightly got lost.

You must read, you must nourish your soul. Paper books, digital books, audio books and even movies made from books - suck them all up and allow them to remind you of your truth and understand how your mind, body and this universe works.

Never throw a book away - Give that knowledge, share that imagination. Books have the power to create leaders from readers.

One of my favourite things to do is to buy second hand books online, I love discovering the sentences previous owners highlighted and the notes they have made. 

Below is a list of the authors and books I love - There are so many. I am slowly adding to this list - its hard for me though because as soon as I go through my books all I want to do is sit and read them again rather than right them down on this page. I love books so much, honestly the excitement I get is like a kid in a sweet shop.



Louise L Hay  - You Can Heal Your Life. I Can Do It.The Power Within. Louise Hay The Movie( dvd)
Deepak Chopra - The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success (Book & DVD)

James Redfield -  Celestine Prophecy (Book & DVD)

Rhonda Bryne  - THE SECRET (Book - CD - DVD) *
Joe Vitale  - The Key (& The Missing Secret CD set)The Attractor factor
Wallace Wattles -  (who inspired the Secret) The Science Of getting Rich

Abraham Hicks -  The Law Of Attraction. Ask And It Is Given
Norman Vincent Peale -  The Power Of Positive Thinking.You Can If You Think You Can 

Florence Scovel Schinn -  The Game Of Life,,Your Word Is Your Wand,The Secret Door to Success & The Spoken Word
Catherine Ponder  - The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity , The Dynamic Laws Of Healing -  in fact all her books she is my favourite

 Napoleon Hill  - The Science Of Personal Achievement (CD set), Think And Grow Rich (Book & CD set available from Nightingale Conant)
Wayne Dyer  - 10 secrets for success and inner peace
Joseph Murphy  - The Power Of The Subconscious Mind
Ernest Holmes  - Science Of Mind. Living The Science Of Mind .The Creative Mind


Read everything they have, let it nourish you and fill your soul. I honestly can't tell you how much these books changed me from the inside out.

David Deida

Catherine Ponder

Chuck Spezzano

Louise Hay