Claire Anstey is a lifestyle broadcaster and creative entrepreneur specialising in self-empowerment & mind, body spirit.

She is a highly motivated, inspirational, entertaining presenter with a iconic image and burlesque edge. A powerful yet very feminine woman with a passion to reconnect people with their mind, body and spirit. Anstey will raise your self-esteem, make you laugh, but most importantly make you FEEL very important.

In her teens she ignored her passions to chase fame as for the first time in her life it made her popular. But she hated it and hated herself more than ever. She felt like she wasn’t good enough, that she was ugly, fat and useless. The suicide of her childhood sweet heart was the tragedy that woke her up.

Claire Anstey’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from the fat girl who hated herself to the fabulous goddess who turns heads in every room is the inspiration behind her bold mission.

Emotional eating, grief, bullying, suicide, bad body image, self hatred, bad boyfriends, a bigamist, many a broken heart, debt & failure. Claire has overcome them all.

Anstey believes that we are all important and good enough. When we believe this in our heart we allow our true self to come alive and this is when we excel, shine and stand in our personal power. We all deserve the life of our dreams. It is her personal mission to inspire every woman to fall in love with their authentic self, to adore their curves and edges and know they are worth their weight in diamonds.

She is an accomplished broadcaster, producer and teacher. Previous clients include MTV, Discovery, Mindvalley, BBC, ITV, Virgin & Nickelodeon. She is a trained life coach and Science of Mind Metaphysical practitioner. She graduated from the school of hard knocks and tough times with honours and most importantly lived to tell the tale. She is also a trained dancer with a degree in Dance Performance and a qualified fitness coach. She is the author of 2 books, over 10 audio programmes and 3 apps.

Already known for her unique style and 50s look, it was no surprise to many when she launched her own luxury range of beautiful silk scarves that embody her beautiful messages, quotes and affirmations. 

Her work has been published by Mindvalley –  Watch her on their TV channel and listen to her teachings, affirmations & wisdom on their No 1 app “Omvana”

April 2015 saw her achieve another one of her dreams “The Transformational Tease” Show, the UK’s (and possibly the worlds) 1st motivational burlesque show which debuted in London. She is now looking to take it on tour around the world for more information please go to