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The Authenticity Room - Claire Anstey's new podcast has now gone into production.

Her tech platform Citizen89 launched in January 2018 and she is currently focusing on its launch.

Media Training: Claire is currently doing weekly media training classes in London. To view date and book click here


Recent Gigs & Credits


Psychic Today - Chat Show Host - Sky - Cellcast Media

The DKW Show – Chat Show Host – My Channel – Simone thorogood

Choose Life - Mindvalleys “Brilliantly” TV – Vishan Lakhani

Be You Your Important – Mindvalleys “Brilliantly” TV – Vishan Lakhani

Discover Life’s Gold Dust – Mindvalleys “Brilliantly” TV – Vishan Lakhani

Psychic TV Australia – Aurora TV – Cellcast TV

Psychic Today – Sky 886 & Freeview in UK – Cellcast TV

Chick Lit – Book Review Show – Loaded TV – Chuck Thomas

Mark Walberg “Max Payne” – Virgin Media & Virgin Mobile –  Pete Walter

V Festival Live 2008 - 2014 – Virgin Media & Virgin Mobile  – Sam Cotton

Virgin Mobile Music & Entertainment Interviews (Various)  – Virgin Media & Virgin Mobile –  Pete Walter

Snog Box Dating Series – Virgin Mobile  – Sam Cotton

Eureka Game Show – Friendly TV – David Wainright

Cash House USA  – American Life TV –  Simon Martin

Eighties Phone Tones –  Virgin Mobile  – Chriss Watts

The Volume  – Brighton TV  – Sagar Shar

4 Till 6 Easter Holiday Series  – Nickelodeon Channel  – Simon Brown

Nickelodeon 4 till 6  – Nickelodeon Channel –  Simon Brown

Nickelodeon”Nick Pick” –  Nickelodeon Channel  – Dave Taylor

Supercasino  – Channel Five –  Netplay Media

Bites – Cooking For Kids  – The Discovery Channel –  Jeremy Lysaght



The Transformational Tease - UK's first motivational burlesque show - created, produced and staring Claire Anstey



The Pony Express Speakers Club - London Event - Regular Judge for monthly speaking club night

Story House Rocks - London Event - "Removing the mask & getting naked"

Reload Greece @ London Business School - Live Event - Authenticity training for start up investment pitches

"How to be media magnetic" - speaking at The Pony Express Speakers Club, London

The Skirt Club - London Event - Speaker "Burlesque made me love myself"



Mendmaker: The Survival Guide For Break Ups & Broken Hearts by Claire Anstey

Sort Out Your Crap Life by Claire Anstey


AUDIO & APPS - Info coming soon



Chick Lit –  Author Interview – Loaded TV – Chuck Thomas

How Famous Are You?  – BBC Television Jack Cheshire



Quixtar (USA)  -Lead Office Girl  – AM Productions  – Gerard de Thame

Body Form (Ident -Home & Away)  – Ferocious Films



Omvana Various Meditations for No1 mediation app Omvana by Mindvalley

AFFIRMATIONS Magazine - producer & writer for this magazine that ran for 4 years. The magazine was also published by Claire's company Vintage Wisdom.

Domestic Violence Self Help video Series with Sammie Thurlow Baker. This series was awarded the white ribbon award.

Grief Self Help video Series with Sammie Thurlow Baker

Claire was also the producer, creator & host of the “Stand Up to Stop Suicide” event (C.A.L.M.)