It is my pleasure to bring to you my Operation Goddess Hypnotherapy & Wellness Studio For Women.

I am so excited to share with you my life’s work and the knowledge thats gone into our programs and courses.

I invite you to become one of my beautiful "Goddesses in Training" and I look forward to watching you flourish.

We live in a world that is constantly telling us that we need more to be good enough. You need the better job, more money, to be thinner, in a relationship, have more likes on your social media. This is all nonsense and it is causing us anxiety, self hate, worry and illness.

We only need to look at the mental health issues and suicides of reality tv stars to see how "having it all" does not bring you the happiness and abundance you desire. As a culture many of us have gone off track but its never to late to get back inline and reconnect with the true emotional experiences you desire. You see you think you want things to make you happy but actually that you want is a emotional experience.

Something outside of you will never make you feel happy, loved or contented. All of this has to come from within you. It is felt moment by moment as you go through this journey called life.

We help you do this in Operation Goddess by helping you retrain your negative thoughts and behaviours whilst helping you to reveal to yourself your true nature AND the ACTUAL desires that will enable you to feel happy, content and relaxed.