“I always fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I see so much beauty and strength in owning our vulnerability.”

Claire Anstey - Presenter, Producer & Author

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Claire Anstey is the chat show host who had a tragedy 'wake her up'. 

Born in London, Ansteys presenting career launched in 2005 when she won the hearts of the Nickelodeon viewers and won the “Nick Pick” new presenter competition that saw her join the team and present “4 till 8″ on Nickelodeon.

She was then head hunted to present her own cooking show “Bites” on rival channel Discovery Kids. In 2006, Anstey became the face of Virgin mobile. This made her the first ever presenter to host shows via this medium in Europe. For 6 years Anstey presented for Virgin Media and Virgin on demand hosting the backstage interviews at the V festivals and various special entertainment features and shows.

But then a tragic suicide took her in a totally new direction. 

Interviewing celebrities just didn't cut it anymore and her career took a twist.

 Anstey is now using her transformational experience and the knowledge it led her to gain to create & present informative engaging factual programming.

Sharing the radical life hacks & vintage wisdom she discovers is enabling her to transform lives. Fascinated by the many ways in which she can understand herself & become a better person. She now encourages others to also explore how they can release their emotional pain and stop living in fear by going first. 

A self development and spiritual growth expert who is passionate about turning our dysfunctions into function.  Anstey is an advocate for psychology, mindfulness and metaphysics.  She is also a qualified Science of Mind counsellor and recently studied shamanic plant medicine in the hills of Peru.  

Anstey uses her work to positively showcase how easy it is to live happier and healthier lives that are exciting & fulfilling. Her mission is to fill more screens with impactful programming that will enable viewers to feel that they are enough. With all her heart she knows that its time to feed humanities hunger for intimacy, connection & authenticity. No more suicide. No more self hate.

She is also the author of 2 books, 4 audio programs, 2 apps, a magazine and an inspirational fashion range. Here in the video you can see her doing one of her motivational talks when she headlined "StoryHouse" in London.

Lets unleash our full potential and be extraordinary together
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