Anstey's Keynote Speeches

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Choose Life

This talk takes you on the journey of personal importance. Why are so many of us chasing fame for happiness and why is suicide on a huge increase all over the world. Anstey shares her experience of both in a gripping passionate tale that shows us how self-love and acceptance is the key to life. 


 Be You You're Important

Why do we spend so much of our life feeling that we aren't good enough? Why do we feel so different from everyone else and how can we engage these negative feelings and allow ourselves to shine. Anstey knows she is important; she shines like a Hollywood icon. Join her as she shares with you the tools that took her from the bullied girl next door to a gracious goddess.

Your Answer To Success

Discover Claire Anstey's easy and proven way to break through stalemate and guarantee future career success within your current environment. 

This talk is deliberately designed to increase employee involvement, boast self esteem and initiate positive action within major brands and corporations.

Be A Woman – It’s Powerful Business When Done Correctly

Inspired by a Facebook status written by Jada Smith, Anstey looks at how we are actually most in our power when we are fully embracing our feminine ways and working with the flow of our true essence as a woman.