My Study

I have spent years studying and working on myself. Developing our self, understanding ourself and healing our pain is a must for anyone who wants to be able to sit in their truth and love the bones of who they are.

This page gives you the list of all my previous teachers and the schools of thought that I have found to be useful and powerful.

I advise everyone that wishes to go deep in therapy to try and have at least 2 teachers  / coaches at the same time. Therapists are human and have their own shit to deal with too. There will become a time when you have grown and you will need to leave that person and move on, you may even become more knowledgable than them. This is all ok and part of your human growth but many therapists although good at what they do they have chosen to stop growing as a human and if this is so you will out grow their knowledge once they have given you everything they have.

Do not be afraid to leave a teacher and move on. All good leaders will encourage you to do this, if they do not then I would question their ethics.

Also do not cross boundaries with your therapists and teachers. You may end up knowing them for many years but in my experience becoming friends with someone whom was once your peer is not always a good thing. I have had a few negative experiences with this and I have now personally chosen to keep my boundaries firm when it comes to this situation. You are of course leading your own life so follow your own heart. I can only share with you my own experiences.


 SYSTEMATIC KINESIOLOGY   - This work is powerful and includes nutritional & energetic healing. I am blown away by the results. Contact Gary Albert Hughes at    - Gary is based in London and only does face to face sessions.


Contact my teachers Lesley Myburgh & her son Mark Myburgh at

Contact my Peruvian Shamanic teacher Kush - 


Contact my teacher & shaman Yazan Rah “Spiritual Activator, Shaman, Business Energetics Consultant” at

TRANSFERENCE HEALING - Find a practitioner near you at . My therapist is Jade Stewart at Aurore Energetics in Erin, NSW, Australia & London.

PSYCHOTHERAPY - Contact Tina Lee Ure at

THETA HEALING, INNER CHILD, BOWEN TECHNIQUE, REIKI - Daphne was one of my very first teachers and I have so much respect and love for her. Contact Daphne Whitehouse at - She is based in Essex, UK





Awesome videos here -


Read all of Chuck Spezzano’s books - They are game changers and all available second hand on amazon. 

LISA NICHOLS  - Lisa has been a personal coach of mine. You may have seen her in The secret. Her work can be found at

MIND VALLEY  - Awesome personal development training school, I am part of their Afest tribe and have filmed and taught for them. Go to or, and use their app - I have created some meditations for them and it has so much free stuff for you. Enjoy. 

Watch Vishen’s 6 phase meditation -

Do Vishen’s 3 most important questions exercise - redefined

TANTRA  - Understand your sexuality and sexual energy with

TRAINING FOR COACHES - Learn how to be a powerful change making coach by attending - This is powerful behaviour change knowledge from gurus and experts. LEARN FROM THE MASTERS NOT MARKETERS.