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You could write a million words to sum up Anstey but I will keep it brief ... An inspiration to everyone she meets and once you've met her you will never forget her and you'll keep wanting to go back for more and more!

Nadia Mohammed - Financial services project manager, London, UK

One word described the wonderful lady I know named Claire Anstey I really could only use the word SPARKLE. Claire has a wonderful radiance around her and I have had the great pleasure to know her professionally and personally. Her personality on Psychic Today where I worked with her off and on screen in my eyes made her the best presenter on the show her amazing eyes sparkling in the studio lights her radiant smile all consuming and a sense of humour so wonderful. When I worked with her in the studio I felt her personality not only rubbing off on me but the others in the studio on that show. What I find with Claire is how she has this ability to inspire people into thinking and feeling that YES you are the person who is going to help you in her mind set failure and defeat are not options. She has the kindest of hearts the quickest of brains and when working together what comes from her mouth is pure uplifting words to encourage and succeed. Claire Anstey is one in a million they broke the mould believe me.

William Thomas International Psychic Medium

To sum up Claire Anstey in one word is impossible, her fabulousness is too extensive for that.

Anstey not only has the kind of life we can but dream of, has the most fabulous personality you can come across, Claire also has an exceptional sense of style, is consistently up beat plus has a phenomenal sense of humour: Claire personifies fabulous.

Claire practices what she preaches. Anstey is an excellent master at helping others to find their inner fabulous she has the qualifications to back up her vast knowledge on how to live in the most exceptional way.

Claire has proved many times she can succeed in anything she puts her mind to; couple this with the will to teach this fabulous fact to others and then pose the question: what is there not to like?

Tiffany Wardle - International Angel Messenger & Celebrity Psychic, & Vintage Wisdom artist. USA & LONDON

"You get a personal trainer if you want to tone up, a life coach to prioritise, an accountant to sort your finances! But there is only one Anstey to get you to sparkle! A truly beautiful human with so much love for everyone she comes across, she sincerely cares about you and your hopes and has the ability to make you feel amazing about any thing you want to achieve - and you'll be applying lipstick whilst doing it! An inspiration!".

Hannah Ward, Independent Producer & Music Industry Exec

Fun, beautiful and kind... Everyone needs a Clare Anstey in their life. Her positive outlook on life is infectious. To me, she is someone you'd turn to for advice, giggles and great energy! Fantastic at everything she puts her mind to and always their for anyone who needs her! The world sparkles whenever Miss Anstey is around you xxxx”

Lucy Hiller – Director & Producer UK

I recently purchased a couple of Anstey Affirmation scarves as I had been through a lot of self-esteem issues in my life. Once I began wrapping myself in these daily, it reminded me how beautiful I am. If you don’t have at least one of these in your wardrobe, you will never know that loved feeling. I want more.

Fran Campbell, Nambour, Qld Australia

From Affirmations Magazine Fans

Once I discovered Anstey’s Affirmations magazine, I realised what was missing from my life. Positivity, love, abundance and the opportunity to create a life I had only dreamed about. I love her honesty and integrity.

Anita Shields, Croydon - UK

Book Reviews

Sort out your crap life - excellent!!!


This review is from: Sort Out Your Crap Life (Paperback)

This book as absolutely brilliant! So simple and easy to read and extremely inspirational. I believe this book has given me the motivation I need to deal with the unfortunate circumstances life can sometimes throw at you. Since reading the book I have a much more positive outlook on life and generally feel better within myself. Its the kind of book that you will read over and over again and keep going back to for reference and to remind yourself of all the little hints and tips included in it. Absolutely love it, best book ive ever read and would recommend to everyone of all ages :-)

This review is from: Sort Out Your Crap Life (Paperback)

I was driven to write this review to let people know that this stands apart from the happy clappy, sandal wearing multitude of self help books, that require cheesecloth and cups of hot water instead of tea to be part of the process.

Claire Anstey has the most amazing back story, a total surprise to me and a real find, just at the right time in my life. I had read many other self help books, but here was one coming from a young woman like me wanting to stay me.

The book itself is a packed and useful tome, exercise and action driven, with instant energy changing results that really make you feel like its working and you really start to believe in it straight away.

If you have had a tough background, or not, if your life has touched on too many parties, drinks, drugs and mayhem, the kind most young people get up to every weekend, and we all know they do, and if the relentless party scene and unhealthy ways, keeping up with your peers by caning it on a weeknight when you know how it will affect you the next day has gotten the better of you, then this is the book for you! No more waking up and realising we havnt done anything to better ourselves and slowly turning 30 without having gotten any closer to where we want to be.

Written from a very real place that understands and has come directly from this experience, you will feel a weight lifted that someone finally 'gets you' and gets the fact that you do want to make your life a success in the midst of mates that berate you and steal away your dreams and life by constantly putting you down because you hold a dream at all. Very good chapter on that very subject that im sure will ring countless bells in same old same old pubs up and down the country, whilst eating average pies or the old familiar roast on a Sunday, with chaps and chappesses that feel they cant say no to the invite when really they want to put time into their future selves....

A veritable myriad of exercises you can come back to again and again, you would also do well to check out some of her online classes with yet even more help, search 'the wisdom gym' and 'mendmaker', this girl is an inspiration to us all and living proof that we can achieve our dreams whatever we have been through without having to change the funloving selves that we are and adopt a holier than thou attitude which doesnt feel real. Do yourself a massive favour and buy it, you wont be dissapointed.

5.0 out of 5 stars

This review is from: Sort Out Your Crap Life (Paperback)

This book is an incredible read! Bought it a while ago and only got round to reading it the other day, but I couldn't put it down. I have been going through a hard time recently, and it is very easy to let bad situations get the better of you and just give up. This book gave me the motivation and inspiration I needed to do something with my life and give myself and those around me the best life I possibly could. Seriously recommend this book for anyone who needs a motivational boost in their life. it has changed my life forever & most definitely sorted out my crap life!!