"Losing someone to suicide is one of the worst experiences of my life and it changed me forever and will continue to do so throughout my life."


Anstey's Calling

"I didn’t realise the importance of life and the importance of everyone in it until I lost someone. Knowing that great people feel that they are insignificant and that many become more frightened of life itself than the option of death changed me, it changed who I was, where I was heading and it has made me committed to showing men and women that they are important, that how they feel is ok and that life can good. 

I was playing the fame game looking for admiration and love outside myself, I was massively empty and filling the hole with partying, boozing, food and attention seeking. The tragedy of losing a great man woke me up to the fact that although I was still breathing most of me was already dead. I had no idea who I truly was anymore.

I now use my own knowledge, experience and story to inspire others and show them how to fall not only in love with life again but to fall in love with themselves for the very first time.

I choose life. In fact I choose to live a fabulous life. I want everyone to feel as good as I do.
I discovered how to fall in love with myself though a mix of metaphysical study and a personal passion for burlesque.  I love music, lights and fashion, all these elements make up my shows giving audiences a unique empowering Anstey experience"

I always fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I see so much beauty and strength in owning our vulnerability.
— Claire Anstey